Kiosk Chromium white screen

Hi all,

I have DietPi installed on an “Acepc T11” x64 machine. It is working well (I use it as a 3D print server for Repetier Server). I wanted to use the local web interface that RS offers however after installing Chromium and then setting it to load on boot all I get is a white screen. Even if I change the URL to or it is just white.

That said I have noticed that loading Google, the mouse cursor changes to the “line” rather than the pointer as I assume it is over the text box that is in the middle of the Google landing page. But I can’t be sure as it is just a white screen.

Are there any settings that I am missing for Chromium? I have used it on a RPi and it seemed to work well, so not sure what I have got wrong here!

Any help would be appreciated!

I read about similiar issues with chromium kiosk mode. You could try to disable the hardware acceleartion in chromium, bc it’s sounds like the page is not rendered properly.

If I’m not mistaken, this is an issue with chromium browser package themselves.

I updated to 8.3.1 but it didn’t seem to work, so I read the changes and added “–use-gl=egl” to /var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-software/installed/ and it seems to be working :slight_smile:

Out of interest, I am guessing this should have been added automagically but wasn’t. Is it because I already had it setup?

I think it’s because you’re not on a Raspberry Pi.
The changelog says:

Chromium: Resolved an issue on > Raspberry Pi > Bullseye systems where pages did not load but a “Page Unresponsive” error prompt was shown after a while instead, if KMS/DRM was not used.

Another difference is, that you didn’t get that error message, instead just a white chromium window?

Out of interest, I am guessing this should have been added automatically but wasn’t. Is it because I already had it setup?

Yes, basically a dietpi-update will not adjust existing configurations. It usually take affect on new install only.

Yes just a white screen. Looking at the Google page, the mouse cursor changed to the “I” shape which indicated something was being rendered but not shown. When I added the option the Google page loaded and was showing the “Accept we will steal all your information” (lol) screen and the cursor happened to be in the middle of a line.

If it would be helpful I could backtrack and take pictures?

No need to do further investigation. The chromium browser has issues on nearly all platforms. Something we are not able to fix from our side, as this would need to be done upstream. We just can try to work around.

Is there anyway to force a reset of an existing config? In this instance it wouldn’t be to much hassle to restart it, although I know other software it may not be that simple! I have another question about the setup of Kiosk mode, but will start a new thread rather than take this one off topic :smiley:

No problem, thought I would ask :slight_smile:

New installs and reinstalls of Chromium will add the option to /etc/chromium.d/dietpi (respectively on Buster it’s /etc/chromium-browser/customizations/dietpi), so it applies to every Chromium start, not just the auto start.

Sorry for not adding a config file patch with the DietPi update directly. It would have been a bit intrusive since also KMS needs to be enabled (if not done yet).