Kernel 5.16

So with the new kernel being released soon, including native pi4 support, can we have a image with a recent kernel?

It would have better support for f2fs and it’s recent features, among other things.

Thanks for everyones work btw ^^.

DietPi is not and will not do any kernel development. We use the original kernel provided by the base image. In case of Raspberry Pi we use the Raspberry OS kernel developed by Raspberry devs. Next LTS kernel for RPi OS will be 5.15.

Alright, fair enough. Thanks for letting me know ^^.

You can track the RPi kernel releases here:

  • The “stable” branch shows the current latest stable RPi kernel package, that you can upgrade to via apt upgrade if not done yet, so a regular APT package.
  • The “master” branch shows the state of the upcoming stable kernel package. You can upgrade to it, for testing purpose via rpi-update.
  • The “next” branch shows the state of the further in the future upcoming next LTS release, as mentioned by Joulinar. You can also upgrade to it via above mentioned tool, but need to call it via BRANCH=next rpi-update then.

The RPi foundation does not release non-LTS Linux version builds/packages, so at current schedule it’s 5.10 > 5.15 > 5.20 etc, i.e. no 5.16. Note that when playing with rpi-update, you will use a heavily back and forth developed kernel, hence absolutely no guarantee that it runs stable or at all. Also the RPi foundation strongly recommends to use this tool only for explicit testing purpose, or when asked by a developer for testing a solution for a bug you reported. If you have fun tinkering, you can also compile any Linux version for RPi yourself, with the sources here, where as well a v5.16 branch is available already: