Just started - failed to fetch when installing software

Hi all,

I followed the guide using Etcher and just downloaded the image file and loaded it onto my 64GB SD card and then booted my rpi4 with cable connection. So far so good, I was able to get to the menu and selected optimized software: Mate, realVNC, Sabnzb etc.etc. but I always get stuck after a while with following error:

Failed to fetch http://raspbian.raspberrypi.org…, connection timed out [IP…]

I must say I checked my internet connection with the test in the dietpi config and it worked successfully.

I also tried with other software packages but always at some point it fails to fetch some software and I can’t get further.

Any idea how to troubleshoot? If this is on my side or serverside?

Thank you very much

hmm looks like a temp issue at raspbian.raspberrypi.org as you getting a time out to fetch data. Or do you have also a problem to resolve host name? can you ping raspbian.raspberrypi.org ??

It seemed that it was really a temporary problem with rapbian.raspberrypi.org. I tried again the last hours and could install all packages. Somehow I had issue always with MATE (I tried like 3 or 4 times and gave up), so I just took the next desktop and it works now nicely with XFCE.
I don’t know if somehow this problem is specifically related to MATE on raspbian.raspberrypi.org or I was just unlucky.

After a couple of hours: Wow, all the stuff works fantastically, been setting it up the last couple of hours.

My problem is solved thanks alot. Let the fun start.