Just enought OS for Firefox

Hi! J know that there is easy and minimal configuartion in DietPi-autostart on Chromium Kiosk but I use it Firefox with sync. That’s why I would like to make “Just enought OS for Firefox” on DietPi on RK3328 TV Box, Odroid C2 or Rock64. It’s should be like a Kiosk for Firefox but with Raspotify run in background and possibility sometimes to close Firefox, and change something on terminal or DietPi-launcher. What should I install to make a system as minimal as possible for full run of Firefox with autostart on full-screen? Any ideas?

Just flash DietPi and install your desired software (firefox, raspotify).
Firefox can be started in kiosk mode with the flag -kiosk But you are not able to close it easily, I guess you have to kill the process?

In the autostart options in dietpi-config choose option 17. Put your command to start firefox in kiosk mode in there (this will open firefox in kiosk mode with google.com as homepage)

/opt/firefox/firefox-esr -kiosk https://google.com

Beware, I don’t know the exact path and name of firefox binary since I don’t use it on my Pi.
You can find out the path with which firefox (or which firefox-esr?)

Too change stuff while firefox runs in kiosk mode, you can SSH in to your device from another machine and make changes, this is not a problem. From there you can also kill the process, if needed.


Thanks @Jappe for the great tips. I will definitely use them. However, I would like to clarify one more thing. What I know Firefox unlike Chromium needs an external desktop or at least windows manager. My question was also about what add-ons to install to make the system as light and fast as possible to run Firefox, Just is enough for Firefox. Unless I’m wrong, but when I installed Firefox via DietPi-software the computer claimed it needed some desktop to run Firefox.

I would go with LXQT, since it’s light weighted and firefox doesn’t need GTK+ library (which would be inclouded with LXDE).


Yes Firefox would require a desktop environment.