Jitsi or alternative

please integrate Jitsi or an alternative video conferencing software into DietPi, thank you.

Many greetings.


DietPi is offering NextCloud Talk already https://dietpi.com/docs/software/cloud/#nextcloud-talk

Next cloud talk is nice but I would prefer to use Jitsi. Maybe some day?

Could it be run in a docker instance??




I followed the howto from the osradar website, it ran on my M340C 64bit docker (not sure about ARM) but it did install and I was able to get to the webgui
I did have to side load install docker-compose (but I already had sideloaded portainer so I saw it create the containers in the webgui)

yes should not be an issue. DietPi will support Docker-Compose on next release v7.0 as well.