Jessie on TinkerBoard?

I noticed that jessie is available for the Odroid. DietPi_OdroidC1-ARMv7-Jessie.7z
Is it possible to do for Tinker?
I need the older 3.x kernel.
Thank you.

Since Buster will already released soon, we will not put any effort in providing Jessie images. Odroid C1 is an exception, since there is no Stretch base image available from where we take it. But we will soon do a manual upgrade to Stretch for this as well.
We are about to drop Jessie support completely in DietPi, at latest when Debian Buster is released, I think.

Also you cannot install a Jessie image via current DietPi-PREP script anymore.

If you really require an older kernel for some reason, I suggest you manually pull the related kernel packages and install them on a Stretch system. This should usually work fine, although I am currently not sure where ASUS Tinkerboard takes it’s kernel from, if it’s pre-installed without a related DPKG package or is installed+updated from custom APT repo?