Jellyfin with high RAM consumption

I installed jellyfin by the dietpi-software tool on my raspberry pi 4 4gb ( dietpi) , and I have noticed that it has consumed a lot of ram memory, much more than the plex, is this a bug? is there anything I can do, or is this consumption correct?

I did a test install on a aarch64 VM. It doesn’t looks that bad. But I need to say I don’t do anything on it. It was just a plain installation.

  0[|                             0.7%] Mem[||||||||||||||          210M/1.93G]
  1[                              0.0%] Swp[                           0K/977M]
Avg[||                            0.7%] Tasks: 16; 1 running
                                        Load average: 0.03 0.30 0.28
                                        Uptime: 00:15:07
    PID USER        RES  NI△CPU%   TIME+  Command
   3460 jellyfin   229M   0  0.0  0:56.22 /usr/bin/jellyfin --webdir=/usr/share/