Jellyfin opensource Plex/Emby fork

Jellyfin is an opensource fork of Emby.

They seem to have settled a kerfuffle with Emby resulting in them receiving legalese on Christmas eve, and appear to now be running a GPL-ified alternative to Plex.

Please take a look and if it passes your sniff test, please consider including jellyfin in dietpi…which I love, thank you for making such a valuable resource.

Thanks for your request.

Does it provide the same (moreless) features than “Emby Premiere” does?
Looks similar to ownCloud => Nextcloud fork then, besides, Nextcloud has still paid developers, providing support plans for e.g. companies and organisations.

Very active development currently, looks like the community-only development works out so far :slight_smile:.

Install looks easy via own repo or individual deb package:

BUT: Only x86_64 supported. That is a big bumper!

ported to the .NET Core framework to enable full cross-platform support

And actually it reduced the amount of platforms :rofl:, if you take out Windows. And who wants to run a server on Windows? :thinking:

Hm. I can see the relativively thin platform support being a problem for an umbrella ecosystem like DietPi.

Thanks for the reply and the great work you folks do here.

Yeah, I mean if enough users with DietPi on x86 ask for it, no harm to add it and only enable it for x86_64. Would be not the only software title like this and the DietPi code allows this easily.

But of course interest and user space would be larger with ARM support :wink:.

Hi I think this was bad wording on behalf of Jellyfin.

It’s supported on Arm (I run it on my DietPi server on a RPi B).

See the assets section:

Would love for it to be included as an optimised install option. For both increasing visibility of a good project and ease of install.

Ah nice, this is new!

Feel free to add it to for raise priority.

Hi, thanks.

Looks like it’s already there.

I’ve been trying this out and it looks good - but the Kodi plugin does not seem to work and there is not a lot of activity on the plugin on Github. As I use Emby primarily as a back end database for multiple Kodis I’ll need to stick with Emby.


Hi johnvick ,

That’s exactly how I use it on a couple of my clients and it works exactly as Emby did (without the annoying nag screens on the Web UI for premium features I don’t want/need as well as some important code improvements):

  • Fire TV Stick Gen 1 + Kodi
  • Odroid C2 + LibreELEC

Ensure you use the Jellyfin for Kodi add-on (instead of Emby for Kodi):

Yes that was the one I tried - Jellyfin on Odroid C2 and Kodi + plugin on two windows 10 PCs - same on both, did not sync the library. Sounds like you got it working easily?


Hi, yes pretty much exactly the same process as using the Emby for Kodi add-on (GitHub user angelblue05 authored both the Emby and Jellyfin add-ons for Kodi so UI, UX wise they’re nigh on identical).

Just double checked by installing Kodi Leia on my Mac and it works there too. I can’t imagine Windows 10 Kodi having a unique issue (can’t confirm as I don’t have a Windows machine).

Maybe just a wonky (technical term :wink: ) server install first time around? Worth another try?

I connect from a couple of non-Kodi clients LG WebOS Photo & Video app (for HDR) and MrMC app on Apple TV & iPhone successfully.

Wary of hijacking this thread so feel free to PM me. Or if you’re on Reddit try - pretty active and the devs respond there too.

Thanks for the encouragement, got it working now on fresh Kodi install on WIndows 10. I’m fine to keep this thread here as there are quite a few DietPi/Emby users that may be interested in this.


No problem, glad it’s working.

Yeah sounds like a path I took - Plex from it’s launch to Emby a few years ago and now Jellyfin from early this year.

Seems like a decent set of devs on the project so I’m hopeful it has a long future - and they’re always looking for help via pull requests from those with the relevant skills (one of the reasons I thought it would be good to get Jellyfin added to the DietPi software list was for visibility).

Have you had any success with hardware transcoding?

Personally no. I’ve seen others report it works.

I have DietPi running on lowly a RPi b+ so it’s pointless. Also prefer my clients to do the heavy lifting and direct play everything to Kodi (and I don’t watch away from my home network).

I actually turn off transcoding at server level (pretty much the sole reason I ditched Plex- it kept trying to transcode when it shouldn’t and no user configurable way of stopping it).

I’ve ordered a Beelink J45 to try transcoding out as my daughter’s Samsung tablet does not cope well with 265 encoded 1080 files. It has a Pentium quad core and Inter 505 graphics so should do something.


Nice. The CPU under Debian based Linux should be compatible with VAAPI. Will be interested to hear how you get on.

I’ll report back here. First job is to get DietPi running and then Jellyfin.

I would like to install Jellyfin using Docker. But I need some tutorial. Someone can help me?

I haven’t tried but have you seen this: