JellyFin on the road

Hobbyist at best here. I have a pretty sweet system set up for myself that lets me run Jellyfin on an Amazon firestick. I am on the move now and plan to be traveling for some time. I have my system parked where the internet speeds are a bit slow.

I was thinking of taking a Pi on the road with me and my Firestick. I would use rClone and sync my media files. The hope being I could hook my remote Pi to the internet where ever I may be and let it sync, allowing me to use the firestick to watch what I want.

I have not used rClone as of yet. Is this a good idea? Is there a better setup?

Thanks for your thoughts and advice.


If your goal is to keep the files on the two devices in sync, I will mention Syncthing is super easy to set up and requires very little interaction. It kind of putters along in the background and will automatically notice when you add a file that should be synchronized and take care of it without you having to do anything. It also automatically connects to your other devices without you having to worry about the networks they are on or what ports are open, et cetera.

Syncthing works in Dietpi, or do you need a docker? Does rClone not provide this service?

I am honestly not familiar with rClone, my impression was to sync the files you would have to explicitly run a command where Syncthing you do nothing, it keeps the files in sync with no intervention required.

You do not need Docker, it is one of the integrated DietPi applications. You can install it with the dietpi-software TUI menu.

Awesome! I will check it.