JAVA - JDownloader2

JDownloader2 is by far the best download manager for non-torrents, I’d like to suggest it for inclusion in DietPi.

ATM I’m trying to install it manually, following these instructions:

As you can see, after downloading, the install is run by using “java” command. I know DietPi has Java on it, I’m using plenty of other Java-based applications on it, but just typing “java” says “command not found”.

Is there somewhere I can define, system-wide, where Java is, and thereby make it a command I can run from any folder on the system ?

Or, just for now, how do I run this .jar file on my Raspberry 3B+ with DietPi ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Many thanks for your request.

Indeed it makes sense that we implement some non-torrent downloaders. There is also another alternative request. But amount of requests as usually muuch higher than time/man power to implement.

To raise priority you could add the request to:

Java needs to be installed first. It is not present by default, would be a large overhead. DietPi-Software installs it on demand when selecting a Java application.

To install Java you can do: dietpi-software > Software Additional > Java (ID :sunglasses: > Back > Install