Jackett reset after reboot (lost API, indexers)

Without a backup, the only hope is that the deleted inodes are still present. You can try testdisk to find and restore the files: https://itsfoss.com/recover-deleted-files-linux/

Use dietpi-backup 1 in a cron job, to automate it, once you set it up (without 1). You can use a script like that to have multiple backup versions.

thanks - im trying testdisk just now - where is the location the deleted files used to be?


/opt/jackett/Jackett, if I’m not mistaken.

That’s right!

Thanks ! It worked for me.
I also added folder “/var/log/jackett” manually and set it permissions.

Fixed in Jackett v0.17.841, Thanks!!

yes indeed, new version of Jackett has been released to address the issue.