Jackett Install (mis-) config locations?

I have installed Jackett using the standard dietpi-software , and have noticed some concerns.

I am using bookworm (PI4) with the current DietPi v9.0.2.

After install I noticed the service is run with:

Description=Jackett (DietPi)

ExecStart=/bin/dash -c '/opt/jackett/jackett --NoRestart; ec=$?; while pgrep -u jackett JackettUpdater /dev/null; do sleep 1; done; exit $ec'

# Hardening


This to me implies the config files are stored within the jackett runtime directory as well (ie /opt/jackett/).

This doesn’t seem to conform with the practice of utilizing the /mnt/dietpi_userdata/ dir or for that matter even segmenting and separating the custom config files into a ~/.config/ folder (if running as a user).

Was there a reason to have the Jackett config files stored in the same folder as the Jackett folder itself (by default dietpi-software install) ?

I can manually change these, but wanted to know if there was a reason why it was done that way first.

/opt/jackett/ folder contains all the jackett files needed to run Jackett but by default dietpi-software appears to install all Jackett files (configs, custom settings, etc.) as well.

The subfolders in /opt/jackett/

drwxr-xr-x 7 jackett jackett  4096 Content/ <-- web content (part of Jackett)
drwxr-xr-x 2 jackett jackett 20480 Definitions/ <-- *.yml files for trackers (url's, any API keys, etc.)
drwxr-xr-x 4 jackett jackett  4096 Jackett/ <-- Jackett Config files

I presume /opt/jackett/Definitions/ and /opt/jackett/Jackett/ subfolders are the only locations for custom config/settings. etc. so I can move them and re-configure the service (in /etc/systemd/*). Will future updates over-ride these?

well from our scripting, we expect everything located below /opt/jackett/

On a reinstall we try to preserve existing configurations.

Sorry, not sure what you mean - are you saying the reason was because of a reinstall to keep the settings in the same place as before? I believe when Jackett is uninstall, it removes the whole Jackett folder and subs anyhow so when reinstalling it’ll be a fresh install (unless you are talking about the restore from dietpi backup - which seems kinda rare user-case and can be easily fixed by simply creating a new backup with the appropriate locations)

Was there any other reason for keeping these settings/configs for Jackett in the /opt/jackett/ and not in the /mnt/dietpi_data/ …etc… folder instead?


We have a reinstall feature. This will update the existing installation and preserve existing configuration. dietpi-software reinstall will not go to delete anything.

I guess it was not possible to have the configs stored to another directory, but not entirely sure. Could be tested again by setting XDG_CONFIG_HOME to e.g. /mnt/dietpi_userdata/jackett, probably the user’s home and working dir as well.

It’s also probably a good idea to migrate to Prowlarr :slight_smile:

well all good. I moved the config locations to dietpi_userdata.

…i can check out Prowlarr, but Jackett does a decent enough job for now…I’m all arr’d out :slight_smile: