Issue with Dietpi-Explorer

I’m trying to rename a file using rename function in Dietpi-Explorer but command fails returning this:

My hardware is ASUS Tinker Board.

Thanks for the help!

Can you try it directly on OS command shell without explorer using one if the following options

  • Surround the name in quotes:

mv "File with Spaces" "Other Place"

  • Use backslashes to escape the special characters:

mv File\ with\ Spaces Other\ Place

Yes I tried this in the shell and it works perfectly. However it would be easier and faster to have this working also using built-in explorer.

Many thanks for reporting, indeed a very good find. I first thought about a missing double quote in DietPi-Explorer code, but everything important (related with rename/mv calls) was double quoted. Finally I found our error handled command wrapper to be the issue, which could theoretically cause issues throughout other DietPi scripts as well.

Fixed with: