Issue signing up on this website

When attempting to register just now, I found this post on the domain, and used the register link from this website. It directed me to “”. The capachia image at the bottom of that page is broken when attempting to sign up from that url.

It simply displays “An internal error occurred: 547743FF4E229.A6B2015.A30C4032” instead of the capachia widget.

The link to contact the Board Administrator at the bottom of the page also is blank. I almost just left the website not creating an account until I found that and were operating on the same server. Then I found that the capachia was working while using, and signed up without any issues.

I’m just trying to help report that problem to help if I can. Thanks for everything! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the report. was the old domain name, I’ll see if we can add a full redirect to

EDIT: done, should be active within 24hours.