is there any latest Dietpi image for Nanopi Neo?

My version is 159. And the latest version have to be installed from image.

However, I can’ find the image for Nanopi Neo(there is one for Neo2, but they are different), which used to be supported.

 DietPi     | Image available 
 V159       | NanoPi Neo (armv7l)
 IP Address |

 [Ok] Using update server:
 [Failed] Your version of DietPi is now obsolete and cannot be updated.
Please download the latest DietPi image:

 - Current Version : 159 
 - Server Version  : 160


We had trouble finding a Debian Stretch image to use as a base for our optimized image. I’ve managed to find an official Debian Jessie image, we’ll attempt Stretch upgrade and test. If successful, i’ll post it back up on


Done, download link below:

I’ll add to when possible.

Dude, I love you sooooooo much!