Is there access for sources of DietPi?


1st of all, I wanna thank to developers for this pretty optimized fork, of an old good Debby :slight_smile:

And here is the question:

Where can I find sources of DietPi? After installation from image, I’v found /usr/src. But folder is empty. So, it is time to download the entire source tree, and to try cross compile DietPi for my Rock64.

But I don’t know, how to do this task.

I wanna get closer to deep internals of DietPi, in particular with respect to Rock64 platform, such as low level communication with external boards via SPI, GPIO etc. In long perspective I wanna join my knowelege of STM32 controllers, with DietPi for Rock64, to complement each other. But it seems that I need some mentors for this journey.

Regards :slight_smile:

Basically you find the sources on your system inside /DietPi folder :wink:. But we develop it via github:
Some software binaries are downloaded from our download server:
But main DietPi consists of bash scripts that initially modify/extend the to the core purged Debian/Raspbian images. We currently developing a new automated installation script, so you can see how DietPi is installed on our development branch: Still internal alpha status!

Rock64 is by the way already supported and image exists:

Feel free to join discussion/testing/contribution on github :slight_smile:.

MichaIng, thank you for the fast reply and for the links)

That is what I needed - someone, who direct me in my trip. Despite to my skills in C,C++ for Stm32 controllers, I’v very basic knowelege about Linux internals. And presence of mentors is most preferable :slight_smile:
For now I’v learned about rockchip booting process via u-boot and it is time to go further. I have not found sources in /DietPi. Maybe reason is that for now, I have not internet connection to my Rock64, and software installation process was not even started.
I’ll try to connect my board to the router via LAN cable and complete software installation.

As I understand, there is no settled source tree of DietPi, but rater those shell scripts on github do extensive work to download needed components and assemble system image. And if I understand correctly the entire /DietPi folder is mounted to ramdisk. Is it correct?

Sure :slight_smile: But at first I must understand, how to download and crosscompile DietPi for my Rock64. I must understand the process itself, to go forth.

What I need for this? I have installed Ubuntu on my laptop. What I need to do, to build DietPi image? As I understand, I must run in ubuntu. Is there some additional requirements?


As mentioned above, there is already a ready to run DietPi image for Rock64, so no need to manually install it with the script.
But to be true, someone just got an issue with this. So try and see if you face something similar:

If you somehow still wan’t to do it manually, jep theoretically you would need to run the preparation script. But note that the one from master branch was just intended to be used internally to create/update the images and there are several steps that need manual adjustment in between. Thats also the reason why the script stops at the beginning, thus you need to copy/past/run the commands manually.

Hehe just see I already mentioned that for the upcoming version we are automating the script completely. So be sure to pull the script from testing branch, if you want to try. Rock64 is indeed an interesting testing candidate as it has a special partitioned image.

About “sources in /DietPi”:
Basically there are no “sources” as DietPi is made up of bash scripts. But on the finalized image all these scripts can be found within /boot/dietpi which is mounted/linked to /DietPi, which is mounted to ramdisk yes.

I wish you and everyone a merry christmas by the way :smiley: !