Is there a way to spoof the Wi-Fi mac address

Can one spoof a specific MAC address with a Raspberry Pi running dietpi?

I have would like to get past splash screens for a third part device. I want to spoof the MAC address on my pi, accept the splash screen agreement and then disconnect pi and connect third party device.

Any help would be great!


Honestly I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

But MAC address can be seen inside the system. Start your system and run ip a. There you see the MAC address.

So I travel a great deal. I use a Pi to sync data from the road to home hard drive. I connect to the hotel wifi with a ethernet to wifi device. Ethernet cable out of pi into micro wifi adapter that connects to the hotel wifi. This way my pi can be used as a wifi router in my room. My Amazon fire stick connects to the Pi for internet and I can wifi connect to my hard drive that Pi is syncing with at my home.

More and more hotels have a browser splash screen to solidify the connection to their wifi. My ethernet to wifi devices does not have browser access. I want to use the onboard Pi wifi to spoof the mac address of the device, use its browser to by pass the hotel splash screen, agree to terms screen. Then turn off Pi onboard wifi and let the ethernet to wifi device connect.

So I need to spoof the mac address of the ethernet to wifi device on the Pi, onboard wifi connection.

Maybe macchanger: macchanger | Kali Linux Tools

ip link set dev eth0 down
ip link set dev eth0 address XX:YY:ZZ:00:11:22
ip link set dev eth0 up

This works for the pi wifi address?

That all sounds quite hacky. Why not going to install a web browser on the fire TV stick and use this one to accept the WiFi policy

Need the pi on the wifi so hard drives backup. (Also the hotel I am in now in Bangkok only allows for two devices. Put the Pi on and I can connect all my devices.)

Side note, 1 gig down cost $7 bucks a month here. Can not believe hotel is throttling me!

I don’t see why it doesn’t.

Why not using the Pi as WiFi hotspots/ router where all your device connected to? Way more easier.

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So you can connect a Pi to the hotel with on board wifi and let it be a hotspot? I did not think this was possible?

You just need a 2nd WiFi dongle

Another option is to connect to hotel network using Ethernet and use Pi WiFi as hotspot

My third party device is basically a Wi-Fi dongle….hmmm…see what I can find here…

did your hotel offer WiFi only? No Ethernet connection possible?

If using Ethernet + WiFi interface, you could use our DietPi hotspot implementation
If using 2x WiFi interface, you can go with RaspAP

Typically no ethernet. Does the wifi dongle plug into USB?

Usually yes, they will be plugged into usb port. However configuration would need to be manually as DietPi is not able to handle such device with our configuration script. We simply did not include them until now.

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