Is there a simple launch page for DietPi?


Very new to DietPi and loving what I’m discovering.

Does anyone know of an application that could generate a launch page that could be accessed via a browser that would show links to the various programs installed on your DietPi machine?

For example you would navigate to https:///launch and be presented with a summary page that links apps you have installed e.g. Aria2C, DietPi Dashboard, etc.

This way you could just have a single bookmark that would allow you to be one click away from anything you have installed on DietPi.

You could of course create a manual HTML page that has links to the various services, but I am looking for something that would auto update the links when you installed new applications?

This is of course me just being lazy, but I’ve always found laziness to be an excellent motivator for getting stuff done! :wink:



We don’t have such a tool available to generate a landing page like this. There was an idea to include something in our dashboard but this is far far way. There might be tools like Heimdall who could create such overview, but it’s a software you need to install individually. As well managing the content would be manual work.

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll look into Heimdall (Application Dashboard) not to be confused with Android ROM flashing software by the same name (

We are thinking about adding it to the dietpi-bashboard:

Selfishly I think this would be a phenomenal idea. The dashboard is already a brilliant webapp that makes basic maintenance tasks for DeitPi very easy. A “Hiedmall lite” tab would make the offering perfect IMHO

In case anyone comes looking for a simple solution, you may want to consider tinyhome which can be found at

Together with any of DietPi’s server installations (Nginx, lighttpd, etc.) tinyhome allows you to create a simple static webpage that you can use to create links that simplify access to the various items you have installed on DietPi.

For a list of icons included in the tinyhome app, you can use the following list:

This solution won’t give you the flexibility and style of something like Heimdall, however it is quick and easy to set-up and trivial to add links.

I still hope that a “links” feature gets added to the DietPi Dashboard which is shaping up to be a brilliant piece of software. Much thanks to @ravenclaw900