Is there a more recent version of unbound?

Hi guys,

I have the occasional SERVFAIL error and was looking to update unbound.

I noticed the unbound version I have installed is v1.13.1, but on the unbound website the latest release is v1.17.1.

I did a apt-update but it said everything was up to date.

Is there anyway to get the latest?

Unbound is installed from global Debian apt package source. On Debian Bullseye 1.13.1-1 is the latest version available. Debian -- Package Search Results -- unbound

You have 2 options. Compile and install unbound from source manually or switch to next Debian version Bookworm (Debian testing).

Thanks, I saw you tested a script for the bookworm upgrade, but on a RPi 3+. Do you know if the RPi 3 is supported on bookworm?

There should be no difference. We use the same image for all RPI device. But keep in mind, Debian Bookworm is flagged as testing still. As well our migration script might not 100% bulletproof. Create a backup/clone before going that way.

unbound 1.17.1 for bullseye-backports is already out since last month. It can be installed from backports repository but Iā€™m not sure if it breaks the DietPi version of unbound.

There is no DietPi own version. We install unbound from official Debian repository. Therefore, Debian backports should work same way as on every other Debian system.

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Good to know! Now I can update unbound to 1.17.1.