Is there a "DietPI fan control"? l

I just installed a PWM fan, and it should use the raspi-config to enable it over 60°, but there isn’t the same in DietPI-config, so I searched and foun a “DietPI-fan_control” script in github DietPi/dietpi-fan_control at master · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub but now those commands aren’t working because there is no “fan control in /boot/dietpi”, what I’m missing? I have to enable or install something?



the script has not been released so far. Did you tried following

echo 'dtoverlay=gpio-fan,gpiopin=14,temp=60000' >> /boot/config.txt

But this is working with the official RPi fan only if I’m not mistaken. What fan do you have exactly?

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This worked for my fan pins:


It turns on…but it doesn’t turn off again when the temp is below the 55 degree, is it normal?!

EDIT: nevermind, it went off, it has only a bit of delay (2-3 minutes) for the off time, but it works!

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@Joulinar would that work for NanoPi Neo3? also what pin is gpiopin=14 in the board ? on wiki Pin 14 is GND, sorry the dumb questions about GPIO I still new to it.

I don’t know. But should be dedicated to Raspberry Pi

Hi, @Joulinar I’ve used the configs above with a fan connected with PWM to the GPIO 14 (blue cable) + ground + 3v3 power (instead of the 5v).

Does the PWM only cuts power from the 5V or also 3v3? Because doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve set it to 50º and even when it’s running at 40, it doesn’t stop the fan.

Probably something to be ask on RPI forum/developer. Not sure how this function is working