Is there a "DietPI fan control"? l

I just installed a PWM fan, and it should use the raspi-config to enable it over 60°, but there isn’t the same in DietPI-config, so I searched and foun a “DietPI-fan_control” script in github DietPi/dietpi-fan_control at master · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub but now those commands aren’t working because there is no “fan control in /boot/dietpi”, what I’m missing? I have to enable or install something?



the script has not been released so far. Did you tried following

echo 'dtoverlay=gpio-fan,gpiopin=14,temp=60000' >> /boot/config.txt

But this is working with the official RPi fan only if I’m not mistaken. What fan do you have exactly?

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This worked for my fan pins:


It turns on…but it doesn’t turn off again when the temp is below the 55 degree, is it normal?!

EDIT: nevermind, it went off, it has only a bit of delay (2-3 minutes) for the off time, but it works!

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@Joulinar would that work for NanoPi Neo3? also what pin is gpiopin=14 in the board ? on wiki Pin 14 is GND, sorry the dumb questions about GPIO I still new to it.

I don’t know. But should be dedicated to Raspberry Pi