Is it possible to view Kodi using vnc?

I didn’t want to open a new thread for such a little question, but is it possible to view Kodi using vnc?
I installed it successfully but there is no display when I run it. I only see the Desktop. htop shows that kodi is running.

You misunderstood. I haven’t accessed kodi, it just runs and I’m not able to use it because i use VNC and I haven’t connected it to a TV. I thought it might be a way just for checking if everything is ok with kodi installation. is better though, it’s more fast.

I don’t think so.

First three answer from my google search:

VNC can only see the X/console framebuffer - not the video and openGL layers used by Kodi.
You need the dispmanx vnc server.

You can use it for basic admin tasks, but VNC is too slow/laggy for watching video.

… the normal VNC servers only share the X-Windows screen. Kodi has to use a separate GPU framebuffer for its screen.

Someone made a special VNC server that can share the dispmanx frmaebuffer that kodi uses.

X doesn’t support hardware accelerated rendering, that’s why software such as mplayer or vlcplayer don’t work. Software such as omxplayer, Kodi and minecraft get around this by running outside of X in a hardware accelerated layer and then laying themselves over what ever’s on the display (Minecraft does an especially good job at this as it gets the window size and position data from X and make its output overlay exactly over the window so it still looks like it’s in a window). That’s why omxplayer and Kodi still work in the terminal. Also why Kodi has its own overscan settings.

But anyway …

I was hoping that may be a setting or something else except this new VNC server. I googled about it before asking but there was only one thread about it which had the info about this new VNC server. I learned something in the last quote. Thanks.
Have a nice day