Is it possible to run irc client for unlimited period of time on dietpi?

As all the software I used so far on my RPi was from a list of software provided directly from DietPi, I checked, but didn’t find any IRC client, so I installed irssi.

The Server I was trying to connect to was banning me, as I was trying to connect as a root user. I created a new user with adduser command, and now I can connect to the desired server with irssi. The problem is, as soon as I close SSH connection to my RPi, my IRC status goes offline.

Is there any way for irssi to stay up and running 24/7 with a logged-in user, so my status on IRC server never goes offline?

You can use screen for this.

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or you check if it is possible to run as systemd service. Another option is to run the command to start IRC in background.

Thanks guys! I managed to detach irssi with tmux meantime, although I will have to see how to make it start and reconnect on a system reboot, because a power outage is not uncommon here.

It’s way easier with the offered software, as I assume everything is already set up to be perfect and beginner-friendly.

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check if you can use systemd service. Or use cron to start stuff on reboot.

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I always used screen but now I took a look into tmux, out of curiosity, and it’s brilliant!
I like the overview with ctrl+B and also the preview when switiching between them! :+1:

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