Is it possible to configure WiFi AP on RPI Zero W?

I’m trying to enable WiFi using dietpi-software on my RaspberryPi Zero W.
It complains that it cannot find ethernet (see attachment).
Fair enough, Zero W does not have ethernet.
I would still want to enable WiFi AP.
Is there a way to do it?

Hmm the question is what exactly you want to achieve with the WiFi hotstop/AP.
Usually you want to provide internet access for all connected clients. But for this you need an additional internet connection (usually ethernet based), as the same WiFi device cannot be used to connect to e.g. router for internet access and be AP at the same time, AFAIK.

Theoretically a second USB WiFi device would work as well, or you use the Pi as repeater only, but DietPi indeed right now just allows auto configuration of AP with ethernet based internet connection to spread via AP.

Thank you for your reply!

I want to use my RPi Zero W to control some devices. By using AP mode I hope to reduce latency. Currently HTTP request/response takes about 100ms when it goes through my WiFi router. I hope to reduce this time.

If I cannot configure it with dietpi-software, do you have any hints if it can be done using some other methods?

Hmm maybe k-plan knows more about such setups.
I am not sure if this is easily possible, at least not automated via DietPi currently.

The Pi would need to use the same WiFi device as AP and to connect itself to the router for internet access. Theoretically if the Pi IP needs to be set to subnet of router IP. The DHCP server of the router needs to be disabled and the Pi needs to forward the router IP as gateway to the DHCP clients.

Perhaps possible but as latency from Pi to clients drops, it would increase internet access latency.

Found this:
So it seems possible if the SSIDs and the WiFi channels of router and Pi AP are exactly the same…
Needs testing. Perhaps we can integrate this into DietPi of it’s proven working.