Is it possible access files of ownCloud if through it sd card?

Hi, Guys. I dont know if the subject is clear. So, let me explain:

I lost my ownCloud sd card and there has a lot of files. If someone find it, is that possible reach the files putting the sd card on a mobile device or something else?


Yes, your files are stored on your SD card and you should be able to access by simply going to /mnt/dietpi_userdata/owncloud. If you are not able to access your system using SSH, you need to put your SD card into a computer that can read ext4 file system like a Linux box. On your SD card you should have 2 partition. First one is /boot (BootFS) and the second one should be your data partition (RootFS)

Where is my data stored?

Thanks! Even the hidden folders too?

should be working for hidden folder as well.