Is Home Assistant on Dietpi-software HA Core or HA Supervised?


I am looking to install HA Supervised on Dietpi (because it allows the use of addons, like HA OS). There is HA in dietpi-software, but what version is it ? Is it the Core or the Supervised version ?

Thanks in advance for any answer


it´s the Core Version, the Supervised doesnt work cause Dietpi use other network stack implementation.
But u can do it manually.
There are many instructions on the web, but I can’t recommend any because I don’t need supervised.

Yes, we offer HA Core + HACS as Supervised is using NetworkManager as network stack, which is conflicting with our implementation ifupdown.

However, there are various post on our forum describing the way around. Home Assistant Supervised on DietPi - #8 by Joulinar (from Dec 2020)