Is Home Assistant no longer supported?

Hi there,

I wanted to get started with Home Assistant on my RPi4 that has been running Dietpi for about three years (flawlessly :slight_smile: )

However, running dietpi-software and browsing for Home Assistant, I can not seem to find it.

Searching around on the web and in the forum only points to troubleshoot entries for HA itself but not to the issue I am having.

Has support for HA been removed from Dietpi?

Thank you for your support!

Screenshot 2024-03-12 122249

No, Home Assistant was not removed and on my RPi 4 it’s shown as installable.
Can you please fill out the troubleshoot template, maybe your device does not match the criteria to install it.
It’s also interesting that I can not see “domoticz” in my list :thinking:


So I guess you are not on Debian Bookworm, bc on Bookworm you could install Home Assistant, but not Domoticz (bc of some trouble with libssl version)

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Thank you for your reply. and the pointer. I´ll get right to understanding how to update to Bookworm and check again.

Up until now I thought debian updates would also be covered via dietpi-update (that I use regulary)


It’s just a guess, if you can fill out and share the troubleshoot template, we could investigate further.

Distro upgrades have to be done manually, you can find instructions for this in our blog

Just updated to Bookworm and Home Assistant is showing up as it should.

Again Thank you for the quick help and all the best to you.

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btw you could check for available software and why it might be missing as follow

dietpi-software list | grep -E '157|140'

should give following on Bookworm

ID 140 | =0 | Domoticz: Open source home automation platform | DISABLED for Debian bookworm |
ID 157 | =0 | Home Assistant: Open source home automation platform | |


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Yeah it’s quite a pain:

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