Is working wih DietPi?


Is working wih DietPi?
I have an account there and wanted to enter my data within DietPi under DynDNS.
Unfortunately, no connection is established. I am unsure which login/password/URL I have to enter under DietPi.
More: dynv6 APIs

Goal: Access my Raspberry from external via SSH and DynDNS.

Thank you :slight_smile:

why not using their update script and create an own cron job (running every 5 minutes)? Basically we do the same on our DDNS tool.

In dietpi-ddns something like this should work, leaving username/password empty:

Thanks, have on the homepage of dynv6 the IPv4 and IPv6 of my connection deposited. The dynv6 can also be pinged directly via the IPv6 and IPV4, as well as via I have deposited with my data at dietpi ddns and adapted it.
SSH pub and privatekey I created with puttygen.
SSH pub stored in “~/.ssh/authorized_keys” for dropbear
SSH private stored in Putty

Unfortunately it does not establish a connection for me from external. I tried the IPv4, IPv6 and

//Edit: Okay, think i found my problem. My Raspi hangs because of Tor-Snowflake in the guest WiFi of my Fritzbox. Here i can not oen/forward port 22 to access the Raspi from external.

Yes, port forwarding should not be possible into the guest network.