Is DietPi *fully* supporting Rpi5 and does it have Python 3.11+?

Hi there, I am going to start a GrovePi+ project and would like to know if DietPi fully supporting Rpi5 and does it have Python 3.11+ ? if not, when is it expected?

Thanks in advance

we have a first beta image. It’s working but still some task to do. Image | Raspberry Pi 5: Testing and firmware migration script · Issue #6676 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

Python version has no relation to RPi 5. We install regular Debian apt package python3-dev on all device independent from SBC. It’s more a question of Debian version. On Debian Bookworm it is Python 3.11 actually.

usually we don’t provide exact ETA

thanks for the fast answer, I will stay tunned when it is available, and good to know Python 3.11 is included

BTW just found out grovepi+ is not compatible with rpi5 so I may give it a try to Pi Built HAT

Feel free to use the testing image. Some feedback is highly appreciated.

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