Is Dietpi 64bits compatible Rpi 4 rev 1.5 and does it have Python 3.11.1?

  • Rpi4 rev 1.5 has improvements in power management not overheating too much

  • Python 3.11.1 uses like half of CPU and is a 25% faster

Can you please answer to these two questions?

Thanks in advance =)

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we don’t make any difference between RPi4 models. 64bit image is compatible with all Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 models, as well as Raspberry Pi 2 PCB v1.2 and Zero 2.

Regarding Python, we install apt package from global Debian repository. On Debian Bullseye, current version is 3.9.2. Even on Debian Bookworm it is 3.10.6 only Debian -- Package Search Results -- python3-dev


If you need a more recent Python version, have a look at pyenv: GitHub - pyenv/pyenv: Simple Python version management


thank you guys, I may update to python 3.11.1 manually (maybe someone post a tutorial for DietPi? lol) and as for the rev 1.5 I guess it will work fine on the go with Dietpi not needing to do any workaround on firmware/software

I recently made the update to 3.11.2, do you think a guide would still be useful? I could repost it from my github

Well hard to say, how many people would install/update Python manually. Theoretically you could link your GitHub and people could follow if they like.

Its in a private repo there, but I can repost here, with some edits

Suit yourself, I don’t think anyone will stop you :wink: