Is an USB external HD mounted automatically when plugged ?


Is an USB external HD mounted automatically when plugged on the RockPro64 SBC by DietPi ?
Can we change manually the /etc/fstab and add the external disk ? Will a conflict occurs at boot time if we do that ? Why such a question → I see at boot time the message “A start job is running for /dev/disk/by-uuid/9859-E8F8” ?



usb devices will get ready for the operation system during boot. Depending on what is set inside /etc/fstab, device will be mounted on boot or on first user access to that file system.

Something else.

I guess the why could be explained by the developer MichaIng

It was like this forever, but I agree there is not really a reason to not be more flexible.

Only thing is that e.g. dietpi-backup currently excludes external drives based on /mnt/* path, which are usually no essential system parts but contain often large data that one does not want to have included into a system backup. So when other paths are used, those would need to be excluded manually as we cannot reasonably guess which mount is essential for the system or which holds userdata, if it is mounted somewhere below regular system paths. And maybe there are other parts of our scripts which expect that location for mounts, but nothing breaks if others are used.

/media btw mostly is used by automount implementations (mount on plug), while /mnt is more intended for manual mounts. So to avoid conflicts, /mnt is probably the better default.