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Fourdee, if you use IRC and are always on (bouncer), I think it may be useful to have a chatroom for support/discussion. I’m aware there is this forum, as well as the issues tracker on github, however IRC can be much more efficient when working through a problem.

This is totally possible. I used IRC for 4 years, and it’s pretty good. Lots of clients, good security.

I’ll be talking to Fourdee if he wants to run an IRC server.

Awesome! Yea, I’m a big fan of IRC. I use a bouncer (znc), so I’m always connected to my communities and everything is logged (I can maintain conversations when switching devices/clients). When you’re actively working with someone to diagnose something (or do anything, for that matter), nothing beats instant messaging. Obviously, a forum is superior for common issues; users can look here for their specific problem, and find a solution. However, when it’s an isolated issue that can be fixed in future revisions, IRC is prime

I remember using it for Quake3, many years ago, it was all that existed back then lol.

Yep, by all means, lets make an IRC channel. I cant guarantee i’ll be active on there, as my free time is literally swamped by DietPi coding and user support on a daily basis.

Not sure if we can just make a channel on an existing server (something public), or, make our own. I’ll leave this and its maintenance upto you Pilovali, if your up for it? :slight_smile:

If you send me the root password of the VPS to my Skype, I’ll try to make an IRC server (I never successfully made one :smiley: ).

Maybe something for dietpi-software: ZNC. I used it in the past, and it’s pretty easy to configure and install.

Yep, will do.
I’d prefer to use a existing public server mIRC: IRC Networks and Servers. Makes more sense as most irc users might already be on those network. Dalnet was created in 1994 and still running. Either way, its your call :slight_smile:

My two favorite public networks are EFnet and Freenode, which really only have one main difference:

EFnet does not support NickServ (you may lose your username to someone else, if you are not always connected), Freenode REQUIRES NickServ (potentially preventing users in need from easily joining the channel).

Freenode already hosts a few popular Raspberry Pi channels (#raspberrypi & #raspberrypi-dev & #raspbian), so it may already hold the critical mass you desire/require.

Hi Jig,

Many thanks for the info and your insight, appreciate it. Looks like we will be using Freenode.
Either myself or Pilvaloi will setup the channel, then post when its up.

Excellent, I’ll keep an eye out for it. Also, off topic, the install process is finishing up now, expect a new post in my other thread shortly.

Making a channel on Freenode is as simple as joining it! I’m currently on #dietpi on freenode. I’ll leave the OP work to you :wink:

Please excuse the double post, I figured a bump was appropriate.

Yea ehh… I registered #dietpi on freenode, but I saw that they don’t use BotServ, do you know how to add a bot there?

This is the best I can do:✓&q=freenode+bot

Hehe, i’ve not forgot. Once i’ve been through my daily supporting users, i’ll get connected :slight_smile:

is there some working irc channel?


You mean to get support? no DietPi don’t have an IRC channel