IR LED on Pine Quartz64b

I’m working on trying to get the IR LED working on my Quartz64 Model B, but it looks like DietPi doesn’t enable it by default in the device tree. Has anyone used the IR LED in the Quartz64 model B with DietPi?

If not, perhaps someone can help point me in the right direction to recompile the device tree using the dtoverlay from Raspberry Pi OS. According to the schematic for the board, the IR LED is attached to PWM15_IR_M0, which is on pin 1P4 of the RK3566 chip. I’m very new to messing with device trees and what not, so I’m not sure what needs to be updated in the overlay to connect to the proper pins.

found a bit of information about the IR on that board
PINE64 - Onboard IR receiver