IPv6 Settings

I entered my IPv6 settings manually in the file /etc/network/network, which works fine. Unfortunately, the error message “ICMPv6: RA: ndisc_router_discovery failed to add default route” is now regularly in the logfile. If I remove the gateway from the file, the error message is gone. Can I disable this error message in logfile?

Can you show how you added the IPv6 address to /etc/network/interface (you meant I guess?)? It seems there is a conflict with the default IPv6 route which you should resolve instead of muting the error messages (which is not possible on per-message basis but only for all error messages).

Usually it is not required at all to define IPv6 interfaces, or at least skip the gateway entry if you require a specific IPv6 address. By default all interfaces will self-assign an IPv6 address via SLAAC auto-configuration and use the gateway based on router advertisements. That last steps seems to fail now, probably as you defined a default gateway manually?

To check the current IPv6 routes: ip -6 r

Thank you for the explanation, I wasn’t aware of that. I have removed the gateway and have it assigned via SLAAC. The gateway and the route are the same, but the error message is gone. Thank you for your help.