Iomega ix2-200 marvell ARM device.

I have had this NAS for what feels like 15 years now. Its a simple raid 1 NAS network device that is well past its EOL. Most recent documentation is still 2-3 years old but Debian is one of the most popular, I believe the original code was based on it. Many suggest moving to ARM for security reasons, including a Debian dev, as they are phasing out uboot support ( i think, too tired to find the exact link/wording.) I tried that for a good day but was having a hard time finalizing the hybrid MRB/GPT setup.

As for Debian, the netinstaller is running perfectly. ive decided to do so via the TTL serial port w/ a USB to CP2102 ( I had access to the USB device, so why not?)

Anytime i work with Debian, I think " well, were this close, why not just Diet?" I will try the prep system from the github when I can but wanted to just ask if anything about this device was a red flag on compatibility. 1ghz clock, 256MB RAM , all something im sure would work to a point.

the interesting thing about this device is it loads the kernel/build into memory and uses environment variables upon boot to replicate to whatever device needs it (great for Raid1 usage during drive failures) if both drives are clean, it looks to a usb device to replicate form to the disks. This is how most installs are performed on it.

If anyone knows or has a feeling this wont work or, even better, knows that it absolutely could, please leave a reply. as for what id do with it with Diet? probably exactly what i was planning with Debian. samba/slow isci file server.


many thanks for your message. Well if you already have plain Debian running, you could give it a try using PREP script to install DietPi scripts. Could be working. Keep an eye on memory usage as it’s quite a low number. Probably thinks could take longer :wink: