Interface web Kodi activated

Hi guys,

I am impressed that is a great work…

Well, I need to know how to activated the web interface of KODI
Someone knows


Hi Biteacid,

You can enable the Kodi Webserver by doing the following:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select the System menu option.
  • Select Services
  • Select Webserver
  • Enable Webserver (select it, tickbox then turns blue)
  • Change the port to something like 1338
  • Change username and password as you require (eg: root / raspberry)

You can then access the website using your IP Address (eg: )
If you need assistance in getting your IP address, see here

Thank for you answer.
Now, my remote don’t work, for this reason i need a file config and activate this service from terminal ssh
Thanks again

Hi Biteacid,

It appears the oDroid package for C1 remote is an optional installation.

You can install the oDroid C1 remote package by doing the following:

dpkg -i odroid-remote_20141223-3_armhf.deb

Heres the link for more information:

If your using a 3rd party IR controller, you may need to manually setup the key codes: