Intel NUC n3350

I’m thinking about using my Intel NUC as a inexpensive nas. I thought I’d use dietpi on it to maximize the performance of the Intel, Celeron n3350. What exactly is the benefit of installing LXDE on it? From the videos I’ve watched, it looks like it’s still opens all of the settings in command line like interfaces. Does it more easily enable me to do anything? Can I create samba shares more easily with a file manager inside LXDE?

DietPi don’t have any graphical interface/ Gui, doesn’t matter if you connect via SSH, console or Desktop. The scripts will always be executed on command line.

What the benefit of a Desktop is? This depends on your needs. if you need something like a web browser. But it doesn’t make any difference for setting up Samba.

Okay, thanks, that’s what I figured.

I had run Dietpi on a RPi 3b and had some issues with it towards the end there…not sure if it was the sd card or the external hd I was using. Just nervous this time around, but I think the Intel NUC with n3350 will be much more solid for it.