Integrated wifi Raspberry 3B not working


just donwloaded the DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Buster.img and intalled it on my Raspberry 3 B v1.2.

Before i connected the Raspberry to the internet, i could see the internal wifi adapter in the dietpi configuration. But I could not connect it to to my wifi. i connected an usb wifi dongle and entered my SSID and password. This works immediately. After that dietpi made an update and after this update i could not see and select the integrated wifi of the raspberry 3B anymore. How can I use the integrated wifi with dietpi?

Happy about your answers and help!



within dietpi-config, OnBoard Wifi is set to ON? Your WiFi is providing 2,4 GHz network?

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, it is 2,4GHz. With my external USB wifi dongle it works. But the “onboard wifi” is not even listed in my dietpi-config adapter options, only Ethernet and Wifi (my external USB adapter is connected).

for testing purposes, can you remove the external USB adapter and connect your system via Ethernet ?

Now it is working :smiley: , I dont know why . I have always assumed that the on board adapter must be listed in the settings under the wifi adapter.
Thanks for helping!

at least it’s fixed now :sunglasses:


short question. Did you update to DietPi v6.29.2 and afterwards you faced the issue?