installing software command line


I found I can install software using:

dietpi-software install

The installer pops up with questions or options you have to select.
Is it possible to skip those and use all the defaults?



what do you mean by pops up with questions. Can you be a little bit more specific about this.

When I installed chromium, for example, using the dietpi-software install , there was a popup asking if it should change the split memory setting.

I am developing ansible playbooks to automate the configuration of my pi’s as much as possible.
I am also searching how to change configuration options afterwards by command line.
I want my basic DietPi setup to be as simple as possible, just the default settings.
The customization, like having Desktop as autostart or not, should be done by a script.

Oh wait… cool…

I just tried: dietpi-autostart 16

That works !