Installing Samba

always failing, stuck on the process as attached screenshot
Dietpi running on a RPi3, updated

any help? Thanks…

Did you tinker with something in the first place?
Seems like the system is trying to mount a ‘disk’ named “computername” and couldn’t resolve the adress from the name itself.

Probably, I’ve previously mounted an usb drive, but no command line: just the tools provided with dietpi. Anyway, just reinstalled. Thank you anyway.

When the usb drive wasn’t on the PI anymore when you tried to install Samba, this would probably explain the confused device manager :smiley:
Glad i could sort out even though reinstall was faster :roll_eyes:

I understand that, it just sounds really dumb to halt the whole process because of a no longer available secondary mounted disk.

Yeah thats probably right.
Maybe a timeout would make better sense?
Anyhow this would make a thing for the next version or so :wink:

thank you.