installing rtorrent-rutorrent as docker

I’ve been using the dietpi included rutorrent package but it always had some annoying issue with the starting/stopping of seeding. It is not getting updated as far as I understand as well.
I just started messing with the docker and portainer. I would like please a step by step tutorial on how to configure rtorrent-rutorrent in this way. Just this, no vpn or other stuff. The package crazymax/rtorrent-rutorrent seems ok for this. I know how to install the container but I don’t know how to properly configure it in order to work.


probably better to ask the developer of the Docker image on how to configure it correct way.

Linux is not my everyday thing…
I’m trying to find a way to contact the developer on github but can’t find any. Perhaps you know how?
Anyway I am hoping that someone in here has done it before and can share some insight.

This is the GitHub repository for the docker image you posted above

There is as well a small documentation and you should be able to raise questions via the issue section