Installing "other" apps

I’m new to the Raspberry Pi and DietPi but DietPi runs amazingly fast on my PI 2. It’s much faster than the default Raspbian image and seems much more responsive.

My question is installing other apps that aren’t part of the Dietpi package, specifically bittorrent sync. Are their any issues running APT-GET to install applications that aren’t built into the DietPi image?

I have manually installed (on RPi and Odroid XU4) Webmin, Transmission-daemon, Wordpress, OwnCloud, PiHole, SyncThing, PhpMyAdmin and SickRage without any problem. I have also installed a number of the preconfigured apps through the dietpi-software app and other then OwnCloud they have worked fine also. So in general you can do it either way but doing it manually you may miss some optimisations.


Yep, as DietPi uses apt-get where possible to install software, manual and/or dietpi-software installation combos should be fine. When doing manual apt-get installs, you’ll need to manually setup configs as needed and optimize them yourself.

A good example is webserver stacks. Use dietpi-software to install a webserver stack (EG: LAMP), to ensure you get optimizations based on your CPU core count and memory size.
Then, if webserver software you require is not available in DietPi-Software, you can manually install whatever webserver software you require on top of the already optimized webserver.

The following folder/symlink is the DietPi userdata location. If you have a USB drive, its automatically pointed to it. So when setting up software for data storage locations, try to use


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