Installing on Asus EEEbox

Hi all,

I’m having some issues trying to install the PC (BIOS) version of Dietpi on to an old Asus EEE box, specifically a B202 model - Specs are noted in the wiki linked here and the only difference is it’s been upgraded with a 480GB SSD.

I’ve used both balenaEtcher and Raspberry Pi Imager to flash the “direct flash” img file to the SSD but when I try to boot, nothing happens, there’s just a flashing underscore character. I thought the firesystem might be expanding but nothing had happened after 5 minutes or so. When using Raspberry Pi Imager I was able to erase the SSD to FAT32 so I’m guessing the SSD is still in that format when using balenaEtcher. Does the drive need to be in a different format?

Any advice is greatly appreciated,


I’ve figured out the issue, the intel atom isn’t 64 bit so I can’t use the x86_64 img. I need to find a i386 option.


as far as I know, DietPi is not supporting i386

I would just go with a light ubuntu server build, unless they too stop supporting i386
Nope…they too dropped i386 builds

Debian still supports i386

So does MX Linux