Installing Mediawiki

Hello! Currently, I’m using a wiki on Miraheze (a wiki farm), but it has some problems and may shut down soon. Since I need the wiki, I’d like to selfhost it. I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi 4 with Dietpi for Nextcloud, Wireguard and Pi-Hole.

Can I just use the official manual for installing Mediawiki, or will I run into some problems? I’d like to reach the wiki on MY_DOMAIN/wikiname. Would I just install it in that folder in var/www (like nextcloud)? Will I run into problems, as I use lighttpd as a server instead of apache? Will I need to install another php version? Currently, PHP 7.4.33 is installed. Can I use the MariaDB from Nextcloud, or will I need to install something else?

Sorry for lots of questions, I’m not really tech savvy with this hosting stuff and I don’t want to screw up my current setup (but another pi is out of my price range and would come with lots of other problems - how would I get the traffic from one Pi to the other, so both can host a website?).

I hope someone can help me. Thank you.

If you don’t have another Pi for testing the Mediawiki stuff, what about doing it on your PC within a Virtual Machine?

Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks. That should help with some inital problems. I can dietpi-backup on my original machine, and import it on the VM, and then I could test it like it was the real system, right?

I’ll try this and report back. THank you for the idea.

You can’t restore a backup from Raspberry Pi on a VM.

For testing, create a VM, do some basic setup with Nextcloud and try your addition install afterwards.

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Thank you! I noticed that.

The installation went well. I didn’t install anything else. I downloaded the mediawiki software, exported it to /var/www/wiki/ , set a new mariadb user with all privileges (this sounds like it could be a problem?), and the installation went fine. I could import some articles from the old wiki (there were some errors with wiki extensions, but that’s not a DietPI-Problem). Biggest problem were some VM-specific problems.

Is there anything else I should take care of, in terms of security, before I do the same on my live pi?

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I’ve started to have it implemented into DietPi software catalogue DietPi-Sofware | MediaWiki by Joulinar · Pull Request #6443 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub


Mediawiki is available with DietPi v8.19 now.