Installed Chromium but it does not start. Segmentation fault

I just installed the latest version of DietPI on my Raspberry Pie Zero W 1.1.
I am using the LXDE desktop environment.
I noticed that the chromium browser was not installed and I could not find it in dietpi-software.

So I ran: sudo apt install chromium, and I now see the browser in the Internet section.
However, clicking on it does nothing.

I ran ‘chromium’ in the terminal and I receive this message: “Segmentation fault”.

I am not running chrome on the root user. But I also get the same error when trying to run it in the root user.

I also installed chromium-driver and chromium-shell, but it still does not work.

Hey I apologize, I found out the solution.
I should install the chromium-browser package instead of the chromium package.
I am able to open it up now.

Sorry again.

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Alternatively use dietpi-software which selects the correct package and does some minor adjustments and fixes where required.