Installation of OpenVPN Client

Hi guys,

Can anyone help me install and setup OpenVPN client on my DietPi?
I have tried google to find a guide but without any luck.

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Maybe this will help

much easier -

Also: Usually the VPN service provider has install instructions and provide .ovpn config files to start.
But of course if you want to connect to another own VPN server, then JRaduchas instructions are great.

Hi, can You advise me? I have installed debian on VPS and I have openvpn server there. Now I make my own server with Rpi4 and Dietpi in home. I forward ports and have Nextcloud (with SSL), Emby server and qbittorrent server here. When I generate ovpn file from my VPS - VPN and connect my Diet pi to that will thiss affect somehow my Nextcloud or Emby?

Indeed it usually does. When you connect your system as client to a remote VPN server, then OpenVPN sets routes so that all traffic is forced through the VPN connection. So when you connect to your webserver,/Nextcloud the system will answer through the VPN connection as well, hence those answers never arrive at your browser.

In short by connecting to a VPN server, all inbound connections are broken as the system will not answer those.

It is possible to implement some VPN split, so that VPN routes are only active for certain processes/users or certain ones are excluded from the VPN, but this is some more work where I also have not too much experience with.

I have read this and it helped me alot alot, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

this one worked for me

What you linked is a server setup, not a client setup. However it looks good, the same dev also has a WireGuard installer:
I like the add/revoke client CLI options, always wanted to create something similar.