Install software RPI


I do not know if my IQ is too low or there is another problem?

I try to install WebIOPi (or any other sowftware) using dietpi installer. So I mark desired soft with “space” so asterisk appears between
these brackets: [*]
Then I enter or even with tab on OK and press enter but nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong!?

you need to back out and select “install” from the DietPi-Software menu

thank you,

does it mean, I only select with [*] what will be installed later?

this install command is in that dietpi-software main menu? just one level back from selection menu? I do not have it here now and I want to test it when I am at home (where is it? is it the last option? what is the exact name?)

thanx again!

SSH into your Pi and logon as root.
Issue the command dietpi-software
You will see 3 sections. The middle section is Select Software. Here you select all the software you want to install with [*]. The last section is Install or Remove Software. The are 2 options. You want the last one which is Install to actually install all the software you previously selected.

I use console…

Same thing, login as root and the commands and menu are the same.