Install on Amlogic tv boxes: S905 W/ W2, S805X

I see support for Odroids and Nano Pi boards for Amlogic S805, and S905 and S922 and S905X3/Y2.

Is there any support for Amlogic S905W/W2 and S805X SoCs too?

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Any thoughts on this?
@MichaIng ? :ghost:

The problem is that every ARM SBC and box requires its own bootloader build. Even if the SoC is the same, the image usually would not boot. TV boxes are often even more demanding than the well known SBCs. So if you are not in mood for experimenting with a high chance of failure, and you do not want to use the OS that ships with the TV box, I highly recommend to use a well known and supported SBC instead.