Install kodi-repository-kodi along with Kodi


Just installed Kodi with dietpi-software. Works great, but the official Kodi repository for addons is not included, meaning updates for official component aren’t done. It would be great to also install kodi-repository-kodi, as said here: Kodi - Debian Wiki so that people have direct access to official repo. Most of those addons are required.

Thanks in advance, have a great day.

faced same discovery today, but looks like it’s using 3.3.1 (by April 2024)
got confused with missing pvr clients, installed by

apt install kodi-pvr-xxxx

everything else is there as expected

kodi-repository-kodi is installed on non-RPi boards since DietPi v7.9 (2021-12-11). On RPi, it is implied in the kodi package, but there are some time frames, when we move to a new Debian release (like Bookworm last summer) while the RPi repository does not contain a Kodi build for it yet, that the one from Debian is installed instead, without kodi-repository-kodi. Maybe this was the case with OP, at least it fits from the time of the post.

The PVR addons are from dedicated package sources, and need to be installed manually, if needed. But I guess they can be installed via Kodi GUI from the addons repo as well?