Install Home Assistant Community Store?

I’m looking to install Home Assistant Community Store.

It looks like dietpi is using Home Assistant Core
Run the Home Assistant Core application directly on Python. It does not provide the full Supervisor experience, and thus does not provide the Supervisor panel and add-ons.

FYI dietpi could use Home Assistant Supervised
The full Home Assistant experience on a regular Linux operating system. This method was previously known as “ on generic Linux”, installed on top of, e.g., Debian.


Home Assistant Core​

Open a terminal
Change to the user that is running Home Assistant
Run the HACS download script

wget -O - | bash -

I’m to change to the user that is running Home Assistant. Htop says the user is homeassistant how ever I cant seem to login.



You should be able to switch by using following command.

sudo -u homeassistant bash
. /home/homeassistant/

Not sure how install process changed, but I did some test in the past on this

Result was a system having software installed conflicting with DietPi

Any updates on this? Supervisor would be great for my setup.

nothing changed as Home Assistant - Supervised is still conflicting with DietPi network configuration.

what you cant figure out how to install HA supervised?