Install dietpi on a PC alongside windows

Is it possible to install dietpi on a partition alongside another operating system?
In the dietpi installer I don’t see a way to select a partition. I can only select one drive or another.
I want to install dietpi and windows in the same hard drive. Is it posible?.

This is possible, but not with our images directly. You would need to use the original Debian Netinst first. This way you should be able to install it along with Windows. Once done, use our install script to convert plain Debian into DietPi. Supported hardware - Docs

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Are you wanting to dual boot, boot windows, then shutdown, then boot dietpi?

Or do you want a virtual machine inside windows where you can start a program inside windows that has a version of dietpi running in it?

VMWare or Virtualbox will allow you to run dietpi inside a window (or even full screen) along side a working windows install running INSIDE a windows install

Yeah. this is just what i was looking for.
I followed those instructions and now i have dual boot with windows 11 and dietpi on the same hard drive.
Now I have dietpi on my raspberry and on my pc.
Thank you very much!


I wanted to have dual boot and the solution proposed by joulinar worked for me!